Our Philosophy

At Oxford Early Learning Centre, we are dedicated to delivering a stimulating and family orientated educational experience that promotes a holistic approach to a child’s wellbeing. Whilst each child is unique, we aim to develop and respect their individual, cultural and family background.

Education sets the platform for the growth of a child’s future therefore; our focus is to nurture each child to be lifelong learners. For this reason, all educators play an important role to guide, observe and support each child as well as develop strong relationships with children and their families, by providing support and encouragement.


At Oxford we aim to provide a family friendly centre that builds on each child’s strength, whilst assisting them in dealing with daily challenges. We believe each child is unique and diverse and because of this we cater for differing individual values in every area of a child’s development. We provide opportunities for children to develop a sense of belonging, confidence and trust to grow and become an integral part of the wider community that is inclusive of all children and families.

We aim to be leaders in the industry working towards high quality indicators of the National Quality Standards, and working in conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework. We value the importance of reflective practice and as educators we work towards becoming role models and motivating children to explore new ideas and approaches.


At Oxford Early Learning Centre, we take pride in our professional team of educators who welcome all families and children to the service. It is through our passion in education that we will create the foundations of growth for each child’s future.


Our Passion, Their Future.