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At Oxford we
provide a safe
home, away
from home.

Welcome to Oxford Early Learning Centre

The centre is architecturally designed and purpose- built, with three state of the art rooms containing natural landscaped outdoor play areas. The indoor and outdoor spaces are carefully designed to create our approach to early childhood education. Each room is designed to provide children with only the best resources and technology for children to grow, learn and discover. The centre strives to provide quality programs for children that will build and nurture children’s play and learning.

We are a family owned, Australian company with over 10 years experience in the child care industry. Our excellent team of highly trained educators, welcome all families and their children providing exceptional education and care to all children. At Oxford we provide a safe home, away from home, as our qualified educators will cater for the care of each individual child.

At Oxford we take pride in our excellent customer service and value and respect the families within the community. It is our passion in education that builds the foundations for growth for each child’s future.

Explore our learning centre.

Oxford has been designed according to the developmental characteristics of the children, with the finest details in mind.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    At Oxford, we believe that community engagement is important as it has an immense impact on a child’s wellbeing and learning. Engaging with the community builds on children’s interest and expertise in being and becoming contributors to their world.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    We believe that secure, respectful, and reciprocal relationships provide children with a secure base for exploration and learning. Our educators strongly believe that children learn through play based experiences and are influenced by the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia, where children are viewed as capable and competent citizens and are active protagonists of their own lives and others. 

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    We believe young children represent the first of the future generations which makes it important for us, as educators, to help the children realise the significance of caring for and protecting their environment. We embrace sustainability by educating the children about sustainable practices and care of the natural environment.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    We believe that a sense of wellbeing in children incorporates both physical and psychological aspects and is central to belonging, being and becoming. Educators attend to children’s wellbeing by providing safe and secure environments, affirmation and respectful for all aspects of their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, linguistic, creative, and spiritual being.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    Learning environments promote opportunity for sustainable shared thinking and collaborative learning. Our environments are family friendly inclusive, promotes competence, independence and learning through play. Our centre provides a safe and healthy environment, where children and adults are encouraged to be respectful of the environment and rights of others.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    We believe working in collaborations with educators, families, and children by using learning outcomes to guide children’s learning. We use the Early Years Learning Framework to guide the educators in their curriculum decision making as part of an ongoing cycle to assist in planning, implementation and evaluating children’s learning. Children will experience self – directed, experimental learning in relationship- driven environments as per the Reggio Emilia approach, working in conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    We believe that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. Partnerships are based on the foundation of understanding each other’s expectations and attitudes and build on the strengths of each other’s knowledge. We trust each other by communicating freely and respectfully with each other to engage in shared decision making.

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    Diversity is an integral aspect of a child’s learning experience; therefore, learning is linked to each child’s individual needs, values, home, and the outside world. We believe each child is unique and diverse and because of this we cater for differing individual values in every area of a child’s development. 

  • Oxford’s Philosophy

    At Oxford Early Learning Centre, we take pride in our professional team of educators who welcome all families and children to the service. It is though our passion in education that we will build the foundation of growth for each child’s future. Our passion, Their future.

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Ages 6 weeks to 6 years


Open from 7am - 6pm


All meals included

Our Menu

Our menu rotates every 4 weeks and changes every season to accommodate for different types of meals. Children will enjoy breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack for those who stay after 5pm.

All meals are prepared on-site by our professional cook, where only fresh and local ingredients are used.

We also cater for children with allergies and special dietary requirements.