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Childcare Centres

Oxford Early Learning Centre is a family owned, Australian company that caters for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old, striving to provide quality programs for children that will build and nurture children’s play and learning.

We are dedicated to delivering a stimulating and family orientated childcare experience which promotes a holistic approach to a child’s wellbeing. Whilst each child is unique, we aim to develop and respect their individual, cultural and family background. Education is the platform for the growth of a child’s future therefore, our focus is to nurture each child to be lifelong learners.  

Our centres are designed to provide children with only the best resources and technology for children to grow, learn and discover. At Oxford, we provide a safe home, away from home, catering for the care of each individual child. We take pride in our excellent customer service and value and respect the families within the community.

Oxford’s professional team of educators welcome all families and their children to the service, providing exceptional education and care to all children. It is through our passion in education that creates and builds the foundations for growth for each child’s future.

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Oxford has been designed according to the developmental characteristics of the children, with the finest details in mind.

Oxford early learning center
Rated meeting nationa quality standard

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