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Yoga classes at Oxford helps the children enhance their flexibility, strength and coordination. Yoga also helps boost children’s self esteem and aid in stress management.

Mini athlete

Oxford Mini Athletes

We align curriculum activities with the Munch & Move initiative that incorporates the 12 fundamental movement skills. This improves their physical development, health, creativity and exploration in their environments.

Language Lessons

Language Lessons

Oxford integrates language classes into the curriculum. Learning about different languages can enhance cognitive development, cultural awareness, and empathy. It can also improve academic performance.

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Oxford’s Environment

Teaching children about sustainability instills an early appreciation for the environment and can prompt lifelong stewardship. Oxford integrates this into the curriculum as it also nurtures respect for living things.

Oxford Indigenous

Oxford Indigenous

Embedding Aboriginal perspective fosters cultural understanding, respect, and inclusivity, which enriches the learning environment by offering diverse ways of knowing and learning.

Mini kitchen

Oxford's Mini Kitchen

Cooking activities are integrated into the curriculum. This encourages skills like science, math and literacy, promoting healthy eating and hygiene habits, building lifelong skills.

Oxford Early learning Centre provides high quality programs for children that meet with the National Quality Framework for Education and Care Services. Your child will experience an interactive and free play- based learning incorporating the Reggio Emilia approach.


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Oxford has been designed according to the developmental characteristics of the children, with the finest details in mind.

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Ages 6 weeks to 6 years


Open from 7am - 6pm


All meals included